Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome Family and Friends!

Hello all. I know most of you are totally incredulous as to my ability to keep this going with any regularity. To be honest, I am too. But, since all of our family and many of our friends do not live anywhere near us, we have decided that in an attempt to keep everyone up to date with our two growing children that perhaps we should enter the blogosphere. Just a quick clarification for y'all the title "two and counting" does NOT mean that we are expecting again (though we have heard all of the funny jokes!) it is simply a reference to the fact that there will likely be more children in our future. Also, for those who don't know, "mattandpato" comes from matt (obvious) and my nickname that dates back to high school which was Pato (spanish for duck- don't ask!) Since Matthew and Jessica are both popular names we could not find a combination of our names that wasn't already taken by someone else.

Enough intro babble. Here's a teaser picture for you all:

This is a recent shot of both kiddos needing to be held only by mommy. So, I will try to keep this updated more regularly than my previous picture posts. Hopefully it will include details such as Dominic is walking and Lucy is rolling (both true) as well as photos. I hope that you all enjoy. Let us know what you think! We love and miss you all.


Barbara Tenpenny said...

Well I have to say I for one, will be interested to see if can keep us all updated. I look forward to more updates.

Love you,

Mark, Holly and Boys said...

Wahoo! Look at you blogging! I just want to be the first to leave a comment! :) Thanks again for the play date today, I had a great time. Talk to you soon!

Katy 10!¢ said...

Woohoo! Way to go! Keep it coming!